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Dan Bowman

Having lived and traveled the area all of my life, the SDS100/200 is definitely the way to go. Prince Georges is on a Phase 2 system and the eastern shore is on a mostly Simulcast Phase 1/2 on the State FiRST System.  Most of the PD/Law side of things on the Eastern Shore have gone encrypted, so not a lot of local PD monitoring. Having just travel through those areas you mentioned, this morning, the SDS100 was the most reliable to decode those Systems will little to no Simulcast Digital Distortion.  Now how well you can monitor PG from Queen Anne I don't know as I mostly turn that off before turning the corner into Anne Arundel county, I can say most of Queen Anne has a few Sites it can receive on FiRST, and some of them simulcast (old meaning now refered to as multicasting) some transmissions from further away. With the Uniden BCDx36HP and SDS series, unlike some other makes and models you don't necessarily have to make 4-5 copies of a System, to listen to various Sites, simply use a few dots .. and you can turn the Sites On and Off at will.

Dan Bowman

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Dewey and anyone else:

Forgive my ignorance. I just moved to Maryland from Pennsylvania. All my scanners are older analog models. They served me well in PA but are limited here.

My primary counties of interest are Queen Anne’s and PG. Am also interested in all Eastern Shore counties. I am living in QAC and have relative PO in PG.

Which handheld scanner should I buy?
Would the Home Patrol work?

I no longer have windows computers for programming.



I think you'll get differing opinions, but my personal opinion, worth what you're paying for it, is that the SDS' biggest, biggest, biggest, biggest difference is the simulcast reception, what the SDS was designed for. I know that has been said many many times already, but I'm a firm believer after personally experiencing the difference on the PG County, MD ( TDMA system. Other than that, the x36 series scans faster, but the SDS has the highly customizable screens.


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