Re: SDS200 NJ

Dan Bowman

I do, I simply deal with the Sites that are Appended, at creation, because you can't reAppend Sites once they are deleted, at least not without a convoluted ordeal, or third-party paid software.   Basically, with my Sites they are all 0's or 10's (zero's or ten's) 0 is closest to 90 furthest probable and all other Site being pressed unto SiQK 99.  You can use Avoid rather than SiQk, or you can use Location Control for that Favorites Lists, I prefer not to use Avoid, as I have to scroll to unAvoid, and use Location Control more for areas I'm not familiar with. All of the Departments are dealt with in the same fashion - I've tried to keep my creative editing down as that plays/pays off later down the road when you try to reAppend.  I do the same or similar with Departments 1-9, 11-19, 21-29 ... and Department 98, and back to 91 are my Everything Else Department-wise groups, where I might stack like entities Department Quick Keys together, like all DOC on 97, all DOT's on 96.  The methodology is based on knowing no matter what scanner I have, I can change the Keypad 10 times and twice on Sundays, but changing the scroll wheel or volume knob will be a labor of love, or a devil of a time.

Dan Bowman

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1) Anyone here from NJ? If so, what county?

2) When you program a simulcast system , do you put in all the sites?


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