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My view: the SDS100 is a good scanner wrapped in great eye-candy. You’ll find functionality similar to the 436/536 line.

On the downside, you will find it to have significantly less sensitivity than the 436/536. Side by side the 436/536 will hear more than the SDS100. But, if you’re having real trouble with simulcast systems, the SDS might do the trick. Just keep the sensitivity issue in mind.

Have fun.

On Sep 2, 2021, at 12:57, Jim Walls <> wrote:

Hi Jim,
What’s your opinion of the SDS100?
I like it. I largely bought it for one system. I used to work for Southern California Edison - the electric utility for most of southern California. I ran their trunked system for the last 8.5 years that I was there. They upgraded from analog Motorola SmartZone trunking to P-25 phase 2 a half dozen or so years ago (well after I left). I still like listening to them and it's REALLY nice when there is a power outage. So after having nothing I could listen to them on for several years, I finally got the SDS100 a couple years ago. Although I have a few other systems in it, primarily I use it for the SCE system. I have some stuff on the system I run programmed as well, and it definitely handles simulcast better than the 396 or 996 scanners. I don't need a scanner for my system since I have several issued radios on the system (including most of the encryption), but the scanner was a nice test. I had thought about getting the P2 version of the 996 for my truck, but I will likely go with the SDS200 instead.

What’s the difference between it and my 436/536/TRX-1/TRX-2.
The big one is that it is a software defined radio so is far more upgradable. Essentially everything is in firmware. It is more of a battery hog however.

Like I need another scanner.
Don't we all?

Jim Walls - K6CCC

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