Re: SDS Radios

Jim Walls

Hi Jim,
What’s your opinion of the SDS100?
I like it. I largely bought it for one system. I used to work for Southern California Edison - the electric utility for most of southern California. I ran their trunked system for the last 8.5 years that I was there. They upgraded from analog Motorola SmartZone trunking to P-25 phase 2 a half dozen or so years ago (well after I left). I still like listening to them and it's REALLY nice when there is a power outage. So after having nothing I could listen to them on for several years, I finally got the SDS100 a couple years ago. Although I have a few other systems in it, primarily I use it for the SCE system. I have some stuff on the system I run programmed as well, and it definitely handles simulcast better than the 396 or 996 scanners. I don't need a scanner for my system since I have several issued radios on the system (including most of the encryption), but the scanner was a nice test. I had thought about getting the P2 version of the 996 for my truck, but I will likely go with the SDS200 instead.

What’s the difference between it and my 436/536/TRX-1/TRX-2.
The big one is that it is a software defined radio so is far more upgradable. Essentially everything is in firmware. It is more of a battery hog however.

Like I need another scanner.
Don't we all?

Jim Walls - K6CCC

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