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P25 Phase II is TDMA. AFAIK Motorola never made a TDMA Type II system.
Type II and Phase II are not the same thing.

Correct. Motorola type 2 and P-25 phase 2 are not the same.

Many P-25 trunked systems (including the one I run for a living) start off life either exclusively or primarily phase 1. In many cases this is because of large numbers of non-phase 2 capable subscriber radios. We still for example have thousands of XTS-5000 portables and XTL-5000 mobile radios that are P-25 phase 1 only. Over time, radios will be replaced, and any radios we buy are phase 2 capable, but it will be a while before the last non-phase 2 capable radio is retired.

There are also requirements (both hardware and licensing) to make the infrastructure phase 2 capable.

One of my standard recommendations for someone buying a scanner today is that you should buy a phase 2 capable scanner. Even if you don't need that capability today, you likely will before that scanner dies. I follow my own advise. My last scanner purchase was a SDS100 and the next one likely will be a SDS200

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