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Gary Saffer

I read that Ford has closed two assembly lines and laid off over a 1,000 workers. That's for the F150, which is probably their most popular model. The problem is that they can't get enough chips for the various computers that are used in modern vehicles.

It's going to be months, maybe even the end of the year, before the supply chain straightens out.

It's effecting EVERYTHING imported into this country.

On 5/23/2021 9:51, doug fick wrote:
I agree. To be fair Icom told me about chip shortage half staff and so on and running way behind. I also work for a new car dealer with multi lines and yes this is a real problem. Don't even get me started about the video card shortage.
On Saturday, May 22, 2021, 9:03:16 AM PDT, harvey morse <> wrote:
I agree. If they communicated it would be good customer PR. They never even acknowledged receipt.  Since it’s been there my warranty has expired, but I don’t anticipate that to be an issue.
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On May 22, 2021, at 10:24 AM, Bernard Skoch via <> wrote:
It’s not as though it’s a contest, but I’ll match your 75 days and raise you a few—months.
Warranty repair of a Yaesu MD-100 microphone: Eight months and counting.
I get it, things are complicated by Covid, but they might at least respond to my emails requesting status.
On May 21, 2021, at 15:45, doug fick <> wrote:
I got you beat...Icom service..75 days and counting
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I have an SDS-100 that is not working properly. I sent it in to Uniden over two months ago. Each time I call to check on the status I receive the same response: i.e. “We will get to it as soon as we can”. Frankly, two months seems excessive. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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