Re: Ludlow, MA - DMR

Maggie O'Connor

Hi All,

No success so far.

Jim - My analog scanner is a BCXLT245. Not sure how to ensure that I am listening carrier squelch (no PL). Maybe it doesn't have that option? It's just programmed as conventional. And, yes, I'm hearing nothing. Can't find any other report of another frequency or that it's encrypted.

Dave - I tried the other frequencies you suggested (programmed on an analog scanner) for about an hour and get nothing. Maybe I need to program them on digital - I'll try that.

Mick (and Dave) - If that's not the correct freq can you possibly find out what is?

Tomorrow I'll add those three frequencies to the 436HP and I'll put in the Holyoke DMR channels, since I might receive those.

Will report back.

Thanks everyone.

- Maggie

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From: Gary Saffer
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I've lost track of this a bit, so I might be repeating myself.

453.250 CC:05 TG:1111

For the 456/536 my listing is this,

453.250000 LUDLOW POLICE DEPARTMENT Off FM DMR 5 Law Dispatch

If you entered it as a new listing, make sure that you have the Service
Type correct.

I haven't been out that way for a couple of years, but as I remember it
was working then. It was also confirmed on Scan New England earlier this


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