Re: Ludlow, MA - DMR

Jim Walls

On 05/20/2021 19:27, Maggie O'Connor wrote:
Yes I have older non-digital capable scanners that I run all the time. There is total silence on that freq 453.250.  Interesting that that means I won't get anything on the digital if that's the case, but that's what's happening for sure.  Nothing.  Silence.
Make sure you are listening carrier squelch (no PL) on the analog scanner.  If you are hearing nothing, then it means that the agency you are trying to hear on the frequency has changed frequency.  If they are DMR on that frequency, you should hear largely noise.  It's a destinctive noise if you've heard it before, but I could not describe it well enough in text for you to know exactly what to listen for.

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