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Maggie O'Connor

Hi Milt,

Thanks for the very valuable clarification here. I'm sorry I didn't immediately see how you were "testing" this. To answer your questions:

Yes, the frequency is the same as it was before.

Yes I have older non-digital capable scanners that I run all the time. There is total silence on that freq 453.250. Interesting that that means I won't get anything on the digital if that's the case, but that's what's happening for sure. Nothing. Silence.

I googled a bunch and don't see any reference to Ludlow Police being encrypted - but it could be.

I'm about 2 miles from Ludlow and could hear it on the analog, not a super strong signal, but audible. I am getting the other Ludlow services, Fire, etc., which haven't changed, just fine.

Under Upgrade, I have:
Upgrade ProVoice
Upgrade DMS/MotoTRBO
Upgrade NXDN

Fortunately, Ray Hill, (local but doesn't yet have the DMR upgrade at the moment) has helped me immensely especially when I first got this scanner. HE screen-shared with me and we met up in person. It turned out that Sentinel is so "easy" I didn't spend a lot of time doing manual programming on the scanner. I'm sure I could brush up on that. Also, all of the fine people in this group have helped me with this model over the years.

I don't usually listen to Holyoke, but since you pointed out that it's DMR, I'll try it and see if I get anything. I'm pretty sure I would receive their transmissions.

I hope all of this helps trigger someone to have an idea of what's wrong.

Thank you very much.

- Maggie

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The purpose of my suggestion was to determine if your radio is hearing
any signal at all. Before the radio can decode digital transmissions
like P25 or DMR it must hear the transmission.

Looking at the Hampden county Mass. page on Radio Reference it appears
that the Ludlow Police department is the only one that uses DMR for
police communications. All the other police departments use either
analog or P25 digital, and some of the departments using P25 are
encrypted. Westfield, West Springfield use DMR for public works;
Holyoke appears to be using DMR for Fire department and public works

Yes, you will not hear anything or see any signal strength indication
unless the radio is receiving a transmission. What I suggested was
that you listen in analog mode, not any form of digital, in order to
see if you are receiving any sort of signal. IF you are receiving a
digital signal in analog mode it will sound like a rattling or
sputtering noise. If you cannot hear anything in analog mode you will
not hear anything in digital mode.

Do you have any other scanner such as an older non-digital capable
programmable scanner that you could use to make this test? If so
program in the frequency of 453.250 and listen. Do you hear ANYTHING
at all?

How close are you to Ludlow? You indicate that you were able to
previously hear their transmissions when the department was using

Is the frequency the same as before, or did it change?

Are you sure that your scanner has the DMR license and that it is
installed and activated?

Radio Reference information is not always correct.

Just like P25, DMR is capable of encryption.

Since you are downloading Radio Reference information, and seem to be
unfamiliar with programming or operating the scanner manually it may
be better for you to seek out someone local who can assist you.


Quoting Maggie O'Connor <Maggie-o@...>:

Hi, so if I "hold" on the channel I don't think I see the signal strength unless something activates it, right? And I have held on that channel way more than long enough for there to be activity yet I get nothing.. I received them pretty well just on their conventional, before changing to DMR I guess a while ago so I surely should hear them.. I think it was on NFM before I changed it, but I'm trying it again. Not sure how to program for FM Analog. There is a drop down with FM in it... Also I thought it would need to be digital for DMR - but honestly I barely understand this stuff! I just like to listen!

Thank you very much. I'll let you know.

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Backing up, if you program the channel as NFM or FM analog
conventional and hold on it, do you hear ANYTHING or see any
indication that the radio is receiving a signal?

Quoting Maggie O'Connor <Maggie-o@...>:

Gary - You're right re threshold not at the Dept Level. I set it to Manual.

Joel - Re - "Try changing the NFM to Digital using Sentinel" NFM shows up at the frequency level as Auto in Sentinel. Not sure which choice I want here - and/or if I'm in the right place. I'm at the Channel Level (in Sentinel) and Modulation is set to Auto. There are several choices here - but not say "Digital" - so not sure which one to choose.

So far still not getting anything.

Thank you, as always.

- Maggie

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For trunk systems, I think it's at the Site Level. For conventional it's
set at the System level.

For the 436HP, I don't see threshold levels at the Department Level.

Also, make sure Threshold is set to "Manual" not "Automatic."

On 5/11/2021 22:50, Maggie O'Connor wrote:
Thanks Gary. I find that setting at the Department level, and it's an 8. I then "thought" I found it for the Municipality (and it was an 8) but I can't find it again!

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Check the digital threshold level. For DMR I usually use 8.

On 5/11/2021 22:04, Maggie O'Connor wrote:
Hi There,

BCD436HP with DMR License. I made new FL which included Ludlow, MA which is now on DMR. I am sure the FL came down and I see Ludlow in there - 453.250. It shows NFM Color Code 5 and I'm sure I have "Law Dispatch" Service Type turned on (do service types go across FL's?). However, I get nothing. Any ideas?

Thanks - Maggie

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If color code 5 is set, it has to be digital only for the audio type.
The color code option is only available after that is selected.

You will hear all the TGs regardless. If you want to program it as OFT,
you can select specific TGs to hear and use ID SCAN.

Yes you can import just one city into a FL.

Joe M.

On 5/5/2021 6:27 PM, Maggie O'Connor wrote:
Hi Guys! Thank you so much! Super sorry I should have told you the
radio - the BCD436HP. And my first actual "use" of DMR!

Not sure how to program a 1 freq trunk, but guessing I can look that up.
I'd love to do that.

Audio Type? Is that on the scanner only? In the software I have
Modulation Auto, Color Code 5 under Audio Option - but not sure where
Audio Type is.. In the software, on the radio or both?

It doesn't look like it's a trunked system, on RRDB.. Can I still prog
as trunk and hear talk groups? I don't have to - I'm interested in
hearing it all..

As usual - one question always brings many more from me..

Can I take just one city in a county from the Full/New DB and bring that
down into a FL with a bunch of other stuff in it? So I'd be just
updating that one city? It SHOULD re-make my FL - since it's been years
since I touched it!

Is there a group for the SDS100? I'm thinking of getting one. Or Joe -
is there a new scanner coming out? I notice most places are sold out of
the SDS100.

Thanks - As always.
- Maggie

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If they are using conventional DMR, you have two choices:

1. Keep it as-is but change the audio type to DIGITAL ONLY and program
the color code.

2. Program it as a one-frequency-trunk and then you can select the
talkgroups you want to hear.

If they upgraded from analog to DMR AND upgraded to a trunked
system, you would have to program that as a new system type.

Joe M.

On 5/4/2021 10:23 PM, Maggie O'Connor wrote:
Assuming I have the DMR license, which I'm pretty sure I do, is there
anything else I have to do to receive transmissions from the Ludlow, MA
police? They are listed in the RR DB as DMR (Color Code 5) and were
previously listed at CTCSS. It appears to be on the same frequency they
have had for years.

Would I have to update my FL assuming it's the same Service Type, which
is turned on?

Thanks very much,

- Maggie

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