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Someone  made a comment We  do not need an Amplified  Speaker  a regular external  one will work  .Yes  but the reason I did it on my SDS-100  The audio on VHF/UHF Analog  if I turned  just the scanner up to hear it better  it had a loud hiss in it .I am Old and  have some hearing loss from being young dumb and stupid  it the US Navy  on Air Craft Carriers and Law Enforcement ranges  and not wearing hearing protection .


So  with the amplified  Motorola  speaker I can barely turn the  audio up and it is loud and clear no hiss and the battery last longer too,  It does not have to be a Motorola  But that’s what I like ,  Uniden and others  make Amplified speaker for scanners  and CB and Ham Radios , Here is a PDF  info on the Motorola


Only problem I have had over the years was sometimes  I would get Alternator  whine , I will not say generator  that was a long time ago and tube type Scanners would  not be to bad  and I will  give my age away LOL


Happy Scanning




PS  If  you do not feel comfortable  in wiring something your expensive  to you scanner  Buy something  ready to go ..My reason was more about removing the annoying hiss noise out ..




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Hey Don,

How is it wired to your scanner?

Is it powered by a separate power source?

I have a Motorola speaker that is not powered. No model number, looks like yours, but only has 2 wires coming from it.. When connected to my SDS100, the battery (even plugged into the charger) last less than an hour. I need to find a way to add a small amplifier to the speaker.



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