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On My SDS-100   If I turn the audio up especially on VHF/UHF Analog I get the loid hissing ,  I like anything Motorola  so I got  this Motorola Amplified Speaker  Now All I have to do is just turn up the audio on the scanner a little it is  nice and clear and loud


Happy Scanning





Motorola HSN1006A Amplified External Speaker MOTOROLA HSN1006 - 6 WATT AMPLIFIED EXTERNAL SPEAKER.





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Uniden (BC23A) Bearcat 15-Watt Amplified External Communications Speaker. Durable Rugged Design, Perfect for Amplifying Uniden Scanners, CB Radios, and Other Communications Receivers, Black

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$49.99 Details


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Style: BC23A

·     BC15



·     BC20



·     BC23A



·     BC7


Product Packaging: Standard Packaging





Item Dimensions LxWxH

4 x 2.5 x 4 inches



About this item

·        The Uniden BC23A 15-Watt Amplified External Speaker provides a powered solution for CB radios, Scanners and many other communication receivers. A great solution when clear audio is a necessity.

·        The Uniden BC23A lets you easily hear the conversation over the noise of the road.

·        The BC23A provides 15 watts of amplified power. An external speaker that is tough, powerful, and you know you are getting Bearcat quality.

·        Matched to Uniden brand radios and communication products this speaker can be mounted to any flat surface with the included bracket and hardware. The BC23A speaker is compatible with all brands of radio receivers.

·        In the box you'll find a high quality 15 watt Uniden amplified speaker, mounting bracket, mounting screws, 10 feet of wiring, and printed instructions.

·        The BC23A amplified speaker requires a DC power source with 11.7 to 15.8 volts. The Uniden BC23A does not support DC24V power sources. You will need to attach the power directly to your battery or a power supply like the PS3.

·        Remove unwanted background noise from incoming transmissions with the noise filter button. On the side volume control knob allows for user ease of adjustment. You'll obtain optimum listening that you can be tuned to the conditions.



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Its not amplified wont run off of an earphone socket no.


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Where does it show that speaker (below) as an AMPLIFIED speaker?  It looks like a very simple 5-watt, 8-ohm speaker.  There is nothing so show amplification or power.




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This is a great little amplified speaker. Just connect the power lead to the something powered off the ACC position of your ignition switch and ypu should be good to go.

Jim, NY0J

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