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Jim Walls

Here is an interesting option for agencies that are encrypted.  As I have said elsewhere, I run a regional P-25 trunked system for a living.  We have dozens of law enforcement agencies on the system. Some are fully encrypted, some are fully clear, and some are a mixture.

One agency that is full time encrypted has an interesting solution, that we have encouraged others to look into.  Their dispatch channel is full time encrypted, but they are streaming it to Broadcastify, but with about a 15 minute delay.  This removed any tactical advantage from the bad guys, but still gives the public and news media access to the channel.  Dispatch has a control that can dump the 15 minute buffer in the event that there is something that REALLY shouldn't go out over the air, but last I was aware of, they have never needed to push the button.  This feed is only for dispatch - the tactical channels are not fed.  Works quite well.

For the public, this can work better than a scanner.  Here's the scenario.  You are sitting at home and hear a bunch of sirens down the street.  You turn on a scanner and spend the next quite a while trying to figure out what is going on and where it is because you did not hear the initial dispatch.  With the delayed online feed, in the same scenario, you turn on the app on your phone, and a few minutes later you hear the initial dispatch.  Now you know what is happening and where.

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