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Jim Walls

On 11/10/2019 08:41, don robinson via Groups.Io wrote:
It's all been added struggle since digital was forced on cities of
the US.

Where do people get this idea?  No one was forced to go digital - period.  Narrowband yes by 1/1/2013 for VHF high and UHF (but not for VHF low or 800 - and 900 already was narrowband), but no requirement to go to digital.

Then they had to replace  or modify their equipment to motorola
monopoly radios and transmitters and they didn't work without modification

Say what?  If they are analog, they can use anybody's radios.  If an agency went digital, they most likely went with the P-25 standard. This is an open standard and anybody CAN build equipment to the P-25 standard - and essentially all the major manufacturers do.  This is a huge advantage because you are NOT locked into a specific radio manufacturer.  I run a regional P-25 trunking system for a living. We have radios from Harris, Kenwood, Tait, EF Johnson, and Motorola (maybe more that I am not remembering or aware of).  They all work just fine without any modification on our system.

more millions $$$$ must be spent annually to maintain and update that
same equipment.

Uh, ANY radio system needs to be maintained.  So do the user radios.  Nothing new here except that the newer radios are far faster and easier to maintain.  We can fully tune a portable radio in about six minutes - hook it up to the service monitor, push the AutoTune button and when it beeps, it's fully aligned.  As for the infrastructure, the system will tell us about most problems, and many repairs or re-configurations can be done without ever leaving the Radio Shop.

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