Re: Amplified Speaker

Joe M.

No, the 435 does not have an external speaker jack.

My personal favorite amplified speakers are from
Motorola or GE - those 6" x 6" ones from the 90s.

As for power, run it off the ACCessory
line in your car. (no relay required)

Joe M.

On 5/6/2021 11:02 AM, Chris Sayles wrote:
Hello Group,

Looking for suggestions and installation notes for an amplified external speaker to mount in my car to listen to my BCD436HP.

Seems the scanner itself does not have enough output to drive any non amplified speaker I have tried. Especially when driving...

Also, any recommendations for using a relay or external switch to turn the powered speaker on/off In order to not run down the battery when the car is off?

Thanks all for the input!


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