Re: Ludlow, MA - DMR

Joe M.

If color code 5 is set, it has to be digital only for the audio type.
The color code option is only available after that is selected.

You will hear all the TGs regardless. If you want to program it as OFT, you can select specific TGs to hear and use ID SCAN.

Yes you can import just one city into a FL.

Joe M.

On 5/5/2021 6:27 PM, Maggie O'Connor wrote:
Hi Guys! Thank you so much! Super sorry I should have told you the
radio - the BCD436HP. And my first actual "use" of DMR!

Not sure how to program a 1 freq trunk, but guessing I can look that up.
I'd love to do that.

Audio Type? Is that on the scanner only? In the software I have
Modulation Auto, Color Code 5 under Audio Option - but not sure where
Audio Type is.. In the software, on the radio or both?

It doesn't look like it's a trunked system, on RRDB.. Can I still prog
as trunk and hear talk groups? I don't have to - I'm interested in
hearing it all..

As usual - one question always brings many more from me..

Can I take just one city in a county from the Full/New DB and bring that
down into a FL with a bunch of other stuff in it? So I'd be just
updating that one city? It SHOULD re-make my FL - since it's been years
since I touched it!

Is there a group for the SDS100? I'm thinking of getting one. Or Joe -
is there a new scanner coming out? I notice most places are sold out of
the SDS100.

Thanks - As always.
- Maggie

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If they are using conventional DMR, you have two choices:

1. Keep it as-is but change the audio type to DIGITAL ONLY and program
the color code.

2. Program it as a one-frequency-trunk and then you can select the
talkgroups you want to hear.

If they upgraded from analog to DMR AND upgraded to a trunked
system, you would have to program that as a new system type.

Joe M.

On 5/4/2021 10:23 PM, Maggie O'Connor wrote:
Assuming I have the DMR license, which I'm pretty sure I do, is there
anything else I have to do to receive transmissions from the Ludlow, MA
police? They are listed in the RR DB as DMR (Color Code 5) and were
previously listed at CTCSS. It appears to be on the same frequency they
have had for years.

Would I have to update my FL assuming it's the same Service Type, which
is turned on?

Thanks very much,

- Maggie

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