Re: Uniden Sentinel missing some CA Trunked systems?

Rick NK7I

Not just scannerheads, but news media (MUCH harder to track to scoop), amateur radio ops (inter-related on safety issues), off duty fire (gotta listen to be quick on that OT call) and smaller groups like neighborhood watch.

Again, I've not heard that they relented, only that they were going to relent.  I'm a thousand miles away so I don't listen.

Rick NK7I

On 10/4/2020 9:04 PM, Gigu chan wrote:


I’m curious  You said  there was an outcry  from Various sources…  I’m curious..  who could raise such a stink  to cause a LE Organization  to back pedal?

I know a bunch of Scanner enthusiasts don’t have that kind of clout…  or maybe they do?







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If memory serves (sometimes it does), OC went encrypted last year.   There was much hue and cry from various sources and OC relented to not use encryption.  However I've not seen any mention of the network being heard since then; some issues between vendor and buyer, it became political, slowing the entire process.

If it is still encrypted, you won't hear anything.  By now, the database should have picked up (and corrected) any change of frequencies.

Rick NK7I (N ID)

On 10/4/2020 10:59 AM, Joe M. wrote:

Rebanding is simple:

1. Program the system frequencies 15 MHz lower.
(866-869 goes to 851-854)

2. If it's a non-P25 system, add the rebanding tables.

That is all you need to do.

Are you sure they did not do more than rebanding?
Such as change to a new system?

Joe M.

On 10/4/2020 1:50 PM, richard@... wrote:

Once Orange County (Ca) went through the Re-Banding my scanners stopped receiving the Trunked System.  I have gone as far as sending one of my scanners in to Uniden.  They confirmed that everything was ok an d I have the correct database.  I worked in Public Safety in OC during the planning for Re-Banding. The contractors asked all of the users if we had scanners that would need to be upgraded.  We included the cost of replacing our scanners just in case. I was retired just as the started to replace radios so this wasn't an issue I got involved in. Has anyone found a fix for this issue on the Uniden BCD436HP?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can give.

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