Re: Uniden Sentinel missing some CA Trunked systems?

Joel Kahn


Looking at the Radioreference data for Orange County

It appears that almost all talk groups- Law Enforcement and Fire are encrypted which means that no scanner can legally hear these communications.

The exception looks like Anaheim and most area's public works have some unencrypted T/G.


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Once Orange County (Ca) went through the Re-Banding my scanners stopped receiving the Trunked System.  I have gone as far as sending one of my scanners in to Uniden.  They confirmed that everything was ok an d I have the correct database.  I worked in Public Safety in OC during the planning for Re-Banding. The contractors asked all of the users if we had scanners that would need to be upgraded.  We included the cost of replacing our scanners just in case. I was retired just as the started to replace radios so this wasn't an issue I got involved in. Has anyone found a fix for this issue on the Uniden BCD436HP?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can give.

> Yes, P25 is listed. I missed that before. I didn't remember that Type
> II supported that, as Type II systems are becoming obscure.

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