Re: Uniden Sentinel missing some CA Trunked systems?

Joe M.

Yes, P25 is listed. I missed that before. I didn't remember that
Type II supported that, as Type II systems are becoming obscure.

Regardless, there is something wrong that it's not being imported.

Then again, since it hasn't changed in over 10 years, just add
those 5 frequencies and two TGs to a FL and be done with it.

Joe M.

On 9/29/2020 8:35 PM, Bryan Herbert wrote:
Motorola Type II Smartnet is a mixed system that supports analog FM and
P25 Phase 1 digital. Its been supported by every trunktracking scanner
made in the last 20 years.

On Tuesday, September 29, 2020, Joe M. <mch@... <mailto:mch@...>>

First one is a Smartnet digital system. Not sure what type of
digital that is, but it's not P25 which means it's not supported by
the scanner.

Bryan Herbert - KE6ZGP
Las Vegas, NV DM26jc USA



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