Uniden Sentinel missing some CA Trunked systems?

Wayne Smith

Uniden friends,

I've been having an issue with the Uniden Sentinel software for a while now.  It concerns two of the systems listed in the CA Trunked section of Radioreference:


Two of the systems listed in RadioReference don't show up in the Sentinel database.  They are:




These two are the (relatively old) LA County REACT trunked system and the (relatively new) Ventura County trunked system.  Both of these systems are consistently missing from the Sentinel weekly download; however, I can program the systems directly into my SDS 100 and 200 scanners with no problems.  There may be other systems like those as well.

I contacted Uniden support in June of this year.  They weren't aware of the issue upon my call.  They verified the issue and they said they would look into it.  I've seen no change since then.

Both of these systems appear in the download for the EZ-Scan software used for Whistler scanners and program automatically just fine.

Can anybody confirm this anomaly?  Or perhaps the systems are "somewhere else" in the Sentinel database other than where they would ordinarily appear?  Or am I doing something wrong?  Does this occur, routinely or intermittently, with other systems, trunked or conventional?  Or?



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