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You asked for comments regarding ARC Butel so here is mine, altho not what some would like to hear. Really the only major problem I have ever had with a company regarding my scanning hobby. Long story short - I bought the full pro version of ARC500 for my Whistler 1065 radio, basically for the virtual control on my computer. Let me say here that I have bought their product 7 (seven) different times for various scanners and was always satisfied. I ran into a glitch, could not get the virtual radio on my screen no matter how I tried. I contacted Butel, the guy in the Radio Reference forums and outlined my problem. He told me to do what i had already done. I did, and no go, so he said I needed to reinstall my drivers. Done. Nada. Then the guy just actually ignored me. Would not answer private messages. A very demeaning and immature response. I have went with ProScan and immediately regretted not doing so  before. So my comment on ARC/Butel is not so good. Personally I boycott their products now and always suggest ProScan. Compare them yourself. ProScan blows ARC out of the water, price-wise, performance, and the customer service is fantastic. You won't be disappointed,.

On Friday, August 28, 2020, 9:04:44 PM EDT, Jim Adams via <blastdad51@...> wrote:

As do I , I have an SDS100 and use both Sentinel and ARC software to program with. I have both programs running at the same time while I bump back and forth. Never had an issue. Took me a while to get the feel of Sentinel as its new to me

Happy scanning

On Aug 27, 2020, at 20:57, Joel Kahn <jrkahn@...> wrote:

I use the ARC programs and Sentinel for my HP 1 & 2 radios(ARCPatrol) and my 436HP(ARC436/536). They both have advantages and disadvantages. They reside and play well together on my Windows10 laptop. I frequently have both running at the same time.

You need to use Sentinel to update the RR Database in the program and the radio.

While it can be done in Sentinel, I find the ARC program easier to create, update and edit my favorite lists.

You can download and try the ARC programs for free -limited time and functions.

Hope this helps.

Joel R Kahn

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On Monday, August 24, 2020, 03:14:38 PM EDT, Marshall Tuttle <mtincos@...> wrote:

I am considering buying the Butel software. Looking for user comments and suggestions.  Will it coexist with Sentinel on a Win 10 PC?  This is my first post and my radio should arrive later this week.  I am in Colorado Springs CO.
Marshall T.

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