Re: ARC536 Comments please


I run both on the same computer, but not at the same time.  Joe M mentioned this, and I think he's right.  You would probably get a port conflict.  So, you will likely have to shut one down before starting the other.

I really liked Butel's software for the 396, so I bought it again for the 436.  As others have said, it takes extra care to keep both in sync, although that's not absolutely necessary as long as when you select one to use you are sure you put your latest programming in it, which can be taken from the radio at that time.
In my opinion, Sentinel makes it easier to add favorites lists.  You can use that feature to dump a lot of programming in the radio from Radio Reference easily without having to type it in.  It is also needed to update firmware, which I don't think Butel does at all.
I find Butel to be more user friendly.  Most of the functions are sort of right there in front of you when you go into a system.  With Sentinel, you have to know which subsection of the software to open up to do something.
Both have their advantages.  You could probably use only Sentinel and be able to do whatever you want.  But, I think it's convenient to have both, and then use whichever one is better for the task you want to do.  They will coexist on one computer when run one at a time.

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