SDS-100 Charging


I  hope everyone is Staying Safe and Healthy ,  Thought I would share an observation with My SDS-100 A few months ago  I posted  how I had  used a Motorola  Microphone Mic holder  mounted to the dash of my vehicle it holds  the radio great ,   I used  a lighter plug USB  for charging  it was  by the Air condition vent .I noticed it was taking a very long time to charge   and the Green Led  did not light . I felt the radio and it was Hot. . So I took it away from the cold air vent and remounted it and it charged up fine. So the charging circuit I believe it being controlled by the feedback Cold or Hot from the scanner.


Well this evening it was a little warm in my radio room I had a small fan blowing toward my desk, I put the scanner  not to far away from the fan . I noticed  the  Charge led was   taking a long time to go to green charge,  I felt the radio after a couple of hours it was  hot to the touch,   So I let the scanner cool down moved the fan and it charged fine .  So I would recommend charging the Scanner in a normal temp area. I believe in my experience that if Cold

or Hot air is on the scanner it affects the rate of charge sensor, rather be safe and not over charge because the radio is cool


Everyone Stay Safe and Healthy Don KA9QJG


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