Re: Recording

David O'Banion

I haven't used the DAR-101 for almost six years, 
and I don't remember how many hours fit on a card, 
but suffice it to say the number is a LOT. 
(Maybe 45 or so on a 16 GB?) 
The highest capacity card it can handle is 32GB. 
It has VOX, which Sangean calls VAR. 
If I remember correctly, recordings are Not time-stamped. 
Power is 4 AA cells or 9 volts AC --- not DC. 
I have always wanted to try using DC (it should work) but never got around to it. 
Because you want to go mobile, power (plus a few other things) might present difficulty, 
so maybe a different recorder would be better for you.       
Look at the Tascam DR-05 and all others you can find.  
My primary use for the recorder was the Gold Coast Net (,  
a weekly 2-meter gathering that was and still is a lot of fun,  
rather than 911 calls and the like. 
Those I consider disposable --- if I don't hear them when they happen, they're of no value to me. 
Probably one of the most interesting things I ever recorded with the Sangean 
was the live audio (countdown, etc.) of a SpaceX launch from Vandenbeg AFB, 
which is about a 20 minute drive from where I live. 
It was on a frequency I didn't know about until maybe the day before, if not the same day,  
so catching it at all was a lucky thing. 


On Thursday, July 2, 2020, 09:25:33 AM PDT, Michael WA7SKG <wa7skg@...> wrote:

I also have been looking for a good recorder for my BCT15X. Glad this
works for you. Some questions, please.

How much recording time on a 32GB at 192kHz?

Does it have an autostart/VOX mode to just record when it hears audio or
is it just continuous record?

Are the recordings timestamped?

How is it powered? I want to use it mobile.

Is there a downloadable manual? I went to the Sangean site, but get a
"404  file not found" error for the file.

I understand the BCT15X has a programming feature to select which
channels output audio to the record jack, but I haven't found how to
program that. Any advice?


David O'Banion via wrote on 7/2/20 12:07 AM:
> I bought a Sangean DAR-101 specifically to record from my BCT15X.
> Works beautifully.
> Using the 192 kHz mode (best quality available with the DAR-101) is
> Highly recommended.

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