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Tim Ferguson

All the discussion has given me a sudden interest in recording, it’s a lot more ‘programmable’ than I imagined.  If I wanted to just record one or two channels (frequencies) overnight, for instance, I would need to create a FL with just that channel and turn any others off?  The notion would be to only record  only activity which sounds like it would be possible.

Tim Ferguson

On Jul 2, 2020, at 6:53 PM, Walter Rymarczyk via <kc9syx@...> wrote:

I’m sorry, I had a senior citizen moment.  It’s FAT32 that the DAR-101 requires.  Windows 10 does not directly format in FAT32, but there is a way to do it from the command line.  There’s a article on it online.  The DAR-101 is older than Windows 10.  Sorry for the confusion!

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On Thu, Jul 2, 2020 at 6:01 PM -0500, <smith@...> wrote:

-- "One nuisance is that the SD card has to be formatted with ext4 file system"

That seems rather odd, largely because it makes it incompatible with out-of-the box Windows 10, both for reading and writing - and that makes it odd as a decision at the design phase. It is even more odd when you consider that most Linux distributions support read/write/format of FAT12/16/32 in the standard releases.

The manual explicitly states, for the DAR-101 -- "A standard '2GB' SD card Must be formatted into FAT 16 and all the SDHC card MUST be for-matted into FAT 32."

There are some recording devices out there that require ext4 - eg, the Epiphan Pearl Mini, for example (which is video capable and likely massively 'too much' for just audio recording), so there are some devices out there. Possible confusion with a different device?

I am curious in your experience on this, as I have been looking for a portable device that can handle portable recording using external mics, and the DAR-101 mostly fills the bill very nicely. But having an ext4 format requirement is likely a negative point for a device that hits many positive points.

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