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Walter Rymarczyk

The Sangean DAR-101 does have voice activated recording.  The recordings are time and date stamped, but I misspoke.  The time and date of recording are not in the file name but are shown on the recorder’s digital display on playback.  It can be battery powered (4 AA batteries) but also comes with an AC power supply.  The power supply is 9v.  It can charge NiMH batteries in the recorder with the AC power supply.  Max recording time has never been an issue with me with 32GB.  It depends on the recording quality, which can be 68, 128, or 192 kbps.  192 kbps is probably overkill for scanner recording.

One nuisance is that the SD card has to be formatted with ext4 file system, as used by Linux.  It must be formatted outside the recorder.  No problem if you use a Linux computer.  If you use Windows it can be done but is more work.

I have a pdf of the manual, but it’s not very useful.  If you want a copy, email me through my website,

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On Thu, Jul 2, 2020 at 11:25 AM -0500, "Michael WA7SKG" <wa7skg@...> wrote:

I also have been looking for a good recorder for my BCT15X. Glad this 
works for you. Some questions, please.

How much recording time on a 32GB at 192kHz?

Does it have an autostart/VOX mode to just record when it hears audio or 
is it just continuous record?

Are the recordings timestamped?

How is it powered? I want to use it mobile.

Is there a downloadable manual? I went to the Sangean site, but get a 
"404  file not found" error for the file.

I understand the BCT15X has a programming feature to select which 
channels output audio to the record jack, but I haven't found how to 
program that. Any advice?


David O'Banion via wrote on 7/2/20 12:07 AM:
> I bought a Sangean DAR-101 specifically to record from my BCT15X.
> Works beautifully.
> Using the 192 kHz mode (best quality available with the DAR-101) is 
> Highly recommended.

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