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Joe M.

I agree if by "Won’t be long" you mean "NEVER".

There are a few issues preventing this.

1. The manufacturers will never make decryption available. It would never pass FCC Type Acceptance for a consumer product since it would violate FCC rules.

2. The manufacturers will never try to pull one over on the FCC because they would be making products intended to violate FCC law. Any manufacturer who tries this will soon be out of business due to FCC fines which would escalate with each violation. Nobody has pockets that deep - especially to pacify a bunch of scanner users.

3. Let's say the above is wrong and they can add decryption. You really think the system owner is going to give YOU the key? Without that, you can try 1 key per second and still never find the right one in your lifetime. If it were that simple there would be PC software that would decrypt.

Again, never gonna happen. Not in a commercial consumer product.

Joe M.

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Won’t be long, and scanner companies will be making encrypted radio

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Robert . That was very well said I have been the Communications
over 50 yrs US Navy , Law Enforcement , 911 Dispatcher and Ham
Radio, I live in N/W Indiana near Chicago and had to buy tie
expensive Uniden SDS-100 Just to hear My local PD/FD and some is
Encrypted ,And I have worked in Law Enforcement Yes in some cases it
is needed, But not for general Communications .. We actually have a
few FB groups that are listen and posting Live incidents with Audio
and Video and Pictures , This is very dangerous and illegal . Also if
you have enough money and want a Motorola APX radio that the PD use
just go to E bay and other places some will even program the radios
for add More money and Yes you can get the Encryption too . Just do
not get caught Even if the Scanners companies would make decoders
it is still illegal for us to Monitor unless We are Authorized by
the System administrator of any system

Happy Scanning while We can


Ps in Working Law Enforcement and a 911 Communications Dispatcher
Many yrs ago I know of many cases where a Scanner listener have
called and helped out many times , one time when We has a Sgt call for
help His battery was almost dead and the Dispatcher did not hear
him, But a scanner listener a block away did and called the
dispatcher and was able to get him the help he needed saving his
life and catching the alleged bad guys ,of course this was the good
ol analog days With the New Digital you either hear it or you don’t
when the battery gets weak…

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As intriguing as everyone's opinion on encryption is here that fact of
the matter. Ever since people started running streaming media of real
time police traffic enc use has skyrocketed. Broadcastify and Radio
Reference are your two biggest problem in the scanner world. I
remember having to go buy a book of all the local frequencies, having
to know how to program them into your scanner or radio, then having
the know how to distinguish what was being used for what. You had to
do it all your self or instead of buying the book you could throw on
the attenuator on your radio and drive around your area doing
frequency searches and seeing what hits you got. The big problem with
everything being one trunked system is everything is repeated there is
no more switch to 5 for simplex ops really happening anymore. Well
there is but not in very many places (at least where I live) I
remember when the biggest most populated county in my listening area
was VHF and all the tactical channels were vhf simplex. They have
since encrypted everything with AES256 on a county wide trunked
systems with a few different sites and multiple towers for each site.
The days of just throwing on your scanner and hearing what's going on
are pretty dead. Between CAD systems, encryption, cell phones,
cellular PTT like zello or worse yet first net, and many other factors
are becoming more and more popular. With the UHF T Band give/take back
police have less room in a frequency spectrum that was already
overcrowded but worked well for big cities it penetrated buildings and
other nuisances well and didn't really propagate to much so there was
much bleed over from other places half the country away like low band
and sometimes vhf have problems with. Then you have broadcastify just
spilling public safety radio traffic out for anybody who want it's
like oil from a tanker crash. Add that with almost every frequency in
use around the country being reported and published on radio reference
for any old schmuck to go look up and you start to see the problem. To
much info is readily available to the public. When my small area radio
monitoring group decided to stop keeping our own records of data in
our area and publish it all on radio reference because the owner of
that site hasn't made enough money yet exploiting are once exuberant
and lively hobby I saw the end sneaking up fast. But it's not my radio
clubs fault i blame radio reference and broadcastify were a criminal
can tune in clock patrol traffic and anything else they may need to
time and commit crimes with little to no resistance from public safety
already knowing what to expect. Or have a lookout listening to there
it on there smart phone when he used to have to have some kind of
skill with radios to listen to what he can now here with a click of a
mouse or worse yet an app on his smart phone. And now we have even
dumbed down the hobby further by putting the entire radio reference
database in the scanner for so all you have to do is download the
latest update and put in your zip code and pop everything from police
to public safety are preloaded with the latest information from the
biggest threat to our hobby. But wait in case you are so radio
incompetent that you don't even know how to lock out unwanted channels
don't worry you can just select the correct service tags to hear what
you want if your a criminal just lock out all but police services if
your a fire bug just lock out all but fire. These problems are not
going away they are just getting worse as we enable more and more
people who didn't have access to these comms easy access everything
they could want and use to the disadvantage of the public and public
safety. So of course police will encrypt. Fire will encrypt. And even
ems will encrypt there is to much much information available that once
upon a time was not. The part of this that makes me just sick is there
is one man behind it who hands out little freebies to those that help
him destroy our hobby while he take the big payday from
uniden,Whistler, and users of both his websites. Stop enabling him!
And the last thing I will bring up is the communications act of or the
communications privacy act of 1986 I believe should cover live
streaming but for some reason that is loop hole. Make streaming
illegal and keep what you hear to yourself this used to be common
sense but now we have threads on radiorefernce with titles funniest
thing heard one scanner, best call heard on a scanner, active
emergency ops on your scanner and so on and so forth. When you ask
yourself why is my area going encrypted and why is my 700 dollar
scanner now a paper weight just do a search of what info is readily
available for your area and what people have posted about what they
are hearing in your area things should become a little more clear at
that point. I have a lot more to say but I will stop there for more
information on the legalities of disclosing what I'd heard on your
scanner please see the following link.

And I know I have upset some people but these are just my thoughts and
opinions your allowed to have yours please allow me to have mine,

Thank you,


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Subject: Re: [Uniden] P25 for Cheap

I'm pro encryption for police and EMS communications. Nothing will
change that even though it's a hobby and I like to listen.

On Sat, Nov 9, 2019 at 13:09 Joe M. < <>>

Is that because crime only happens at the
police station and doesn't affect communities?

Do you not care that you will be late to work because
there is an accident blocking your normal route?

Do you not care that you will be ADDING
to the problem (traffic) in the above case?

Are you fine with going to the mall when
there is an active shooter in the area?

If there is a felon loose in your neighborhood,
are you OK letting your kids go out to play?

A FOIA request will not solve any of these cases.
Encryption will not alert you to these cases.
Only clear communications will let you know WHEN you need to know it.

Joe M.

On 11/9/2019 12:54 PM, Shawn Benoit wrote:
> Sure, you can get access to police radio recordings by a FOI
request (to
> be nosy). No one except the police need real-time access to
> communications. Problem solved.



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