Re: BCD996P2

Kev Myles

I deleted systems 2&3 and set them up again. Working again since I did that. I was using Freescan for awhile and I am thinking I probably did something wrong there to stop them from scanning.I deleted Freescan from my computer awhile back. Not a lot to listen to around here, so I programmed the frequencies in manually. Thanks all!

On Jun 19, 2020, at 12:21 AM, David Boyett via <davidboyett@...> wrote:

Had the same problem when I unboxed and set up my SDS100.  Edit Favorites List in Sentinel, Select your favorite that is not scanning, select options and make sure you have the correct Quick Key, ten select Quick Key Status to activate the key.  Again, I am new to this scanner and software so others likely have more experience, but that solved my scan problem.  Maybe the same for you.  Cheers

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