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I have [4] 996P2's in the house and truck and the main thing I  listen to is civilian and military air frequencies  due to so much encryption in the area. I haven't  experienced  a problem with the air frequencies and as far as the ham frequencies I  haven't  tried to scan those due to I have a ham transmitter and don't  won't  to transmit and forget to turn off the scanners first so have no idea about the ham frequencies.  It has to be something your doing or not doing my friend


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Date: 6/18/20 8:57 PM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: Re: [Uniden] BCD996P2

On 06/18/2020 17:25, Kev Myles via wrote:
>  Uniden 996P2 won’t scan Systems 2 (Ham Radio) and System 3 (Air
> frequencies). All other systems scan no problem. Anyone know why they
> won’t scan? The Frequencies are in the systems in question.Thanks, Kev

Systems locked out?  I am assuming you are attempting to enable those
two systems via Quick Keys.  Lockout will still kill them as I recall (I
never use system lockout).

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