Re: Clear User Data on 3600 / 436

doug fick

any sim card will work but you need format the card and copy some of the files to it is your friend

On Monday, June 15, 2020, 2:52:38 PM PDT, MIKE CHRISTIE via <mzfb@...> wrote:

I had the same problem with my TRX-1 and the sim cards.  Go to Amazon and buy the sim card from them this is the link Should be class 4 not class 10. Many resellers say they are these types but they are not.  A lot of the ones that you buy like Walmart or Best will not work.  I think bought three from Walmart thinking they were bad and none of them worked,  as soon as I got the one from Amazon it worked perfectly.  If going buy another just try the amazon one if it doesn’t clearly say class 4 it won’t work. Follow the instructions that comes with the TRX-1 for your cards no not copy anything over this new card, start fresh.

Good luck


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