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Wallace Day <livefire17@...>

Hello Mark,

I am contemplating the purchase of a TRX-2. Whistler scanners are quite obviously the current "reincarnation" of an earlier generation of scanners private labeled by GRE for Radio Shack and Uniden,  among others and were always excellent 
My question is about your feelings and results with the TRX-2. Our county (/Clinton in NYS) is getting ready to migrate from earlier Moto trunking  technology to a Moto Pn-25/digital,Phase 2 system and I need a scanner for coverage of the "new technology" system.
Your comments and observations will be much appreciated 
Plattsburgh NY

On Fri, Jun 12, 2020 at 3:01 AM Mark French <markemersonfrench@...> wrote:
When I went to school in Kingsville I passed through the Border Patrol checkpoints several times and never had a problem. I have only been asked once if that was a scanner in the car. I said yes and he said he stopped me because of a burned out taillight. He asked what I listened to and I replied I listened to the fire departments and EMS so I would know where the accidents on the highway were. Sure enough the fire tone went off on his radio and my scanner. He said now we both know where that accident is and got in his car and sped off. No warning or ticket. I have driven all over Central and south Texas and several other states and have only been asked once about the two antennas on the car. The antennas were for two bearcat scanners made in the eighties. One was UHF and the other VHF. I still use the antennas but the scanners are the TRX 1and the BCD 996P2. I also have a TRX 2 and BCD 325P2. Happy  scanning.

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