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Sent: Friday, June 12, 2020 3:10 AM
Subject: Re: [Uniden] WHAAAAAT?


Wow   As describe I Must  be  a Whacker,,,, NO Just a Scanner Listener over 50 yrs and tracking  down idiots who use  cheap BO-thng type radios  and Interfere with PD/FD  Communications and more


Stay Safe and Healthy


Also worked  Law Enforcement,  Yes I had problems  with the Indiana Scanner Law  until I made copies of the Law and met with Chiefs of PD and others the copies were passed out and put in the squads  and  I explained   how responsible scanner  listeners   are their friends and have helped many times being the eyes and the ears of the community ..




Ps ..Please do not  mount  equipment like I did it is dangerous if you get in wreck have it installed professional I do not drive fast and most of my listening is parked  getting signals and directions follow up on investigations of illegal dangerous  interference ...I told  them to contact the FCC  They were told they did not have the money or manpower to have someone set at 3 in the morning waiting on someone who may or may not transmit.. As a scanner listener you hear stuff like this document the time  date and if possible record  and try to  help out ..




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