Re: The so called noise or hum depressor. SDS200 Noise Mitigation with Factory Part

Joe M.

It may not matter, as it is the same thickness either way. If I was pushed into an answer, I would say the one the factory installed is correct. But again, it may not matter.

Do both units you have eliminate the vibration?

Joe M.

On 1/27/2020 6:28 PM, Mark Bradley wrote:
Question.....I saw the video on replacing the little square tin with
copper on it.OK,the video showed the person putting the SDS200 Noise
Suppressor Piece,he put it on with the TIN side up. OK,I took my scanner
apart to see if it had it in there,and yes it did. But one
problem,,,,this is put in with the COPPER side up.OK,which way does it
go?????????I see it was done on mine,and also no scraping of the foam or
rubber seal with the Uniden Buzz Be Gone Fix. I ordered one of those
Buzz Be Gone Eliminator Fix Parts,I was going to put it 3 inches over
from the other side for double BUZZ be gone fix,I will put it with the
Copper side up,like the other side.I am curious if any one knows the
CORRECT WAY to install the Metal,Copper tab.Thank you for your time,I
appreciate this as I am wanting to know,the correct way. Have a great



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