losing clock settings

Mark Lewin

cross posting to two groups:

I seem to remember back in the early days of the bc436 that there was a widespread issue with the clock losing its settings.  This was something other than not allowing enough time to charge the internal clock batteries and necessitated sending the unit back to Uniden for repairs.

I think I recall at the time that the HomePatrol 2 also might have this problem even though most of reported issues applied to the 436.

I now have this problem on my HP2.  If I use the unit daily, there doesn't seem to be an issue but if I let the unit go for more than 3-4 days w/o powering on, I need to re-enter the clock settings.

Does this sound like the same symptoms as that previous issue?  If so, can anyone tell me roughly the cost and duration of returning the unit to Uniden for repairs?

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