Re: HP2 repairs

Joe M.

I believe you can charge the clock battery without having AA cells in the unit as long as it is powered on.

I would leave the AAs in and just select NO CHARGE if it asks. The clock battery should still charge up.

Joe M.

On 11/7/2019 11:24 AM, Mark Lewin wrote:
I'm having a problem that plagued the BC436 when they first came out. I
seem to recall that it was mentioned that the HP2 was susceptible to the
same problem.

My problem is that the unit cannot hold the date and time info.
It used to hold the time for 4-5 days between uses but now I can set
the time in the morning, use the scanner during the day but turn it off
at night and the info is gone in the morning. If I turn the unit off
during the day for an hour or two, the time/date stays intact.

I know that Uniden fixed this problem by a complete board replacement
when you sent it in, but others said that the problem was just the
internal clock batteries had lost their charge and to recharge, you
needed to plug the unit in to charge for 50+ hours.

Before sending the unit in for repair, I'm willing to try that first. I
have never charged my batteries in the unit; rather I have a separate
charger. If I plug my HP2 directly into a wall socket to charge the
clock battery, do I need to have the 4 AA batteries installed? Do I need
to be concerned about those batteries overheating if the unit is
charging for so long?

I'm finding the Uniden support page to be somewhat difficult to
understand. They talk about a list of units that are unrepairable. It's
not clear whether that refers to units damaged in such a way that Uniden
can't repair them or whether there are certain older models that they no
longer attempt to repair. I just want to make sure the Home Patrol 2 is
still a unit that Uniden will service.

Can anyone give me advice?



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