Re: What Happened to Oceanside (California) Police & Fire?

Bill Nolan <n1chu@...>

Hearing nothing only after 15 minutes for the FD isn’t unusual. Sometimes a dept will go hours without a call. If it’s the PD you are referring to it may also just be a quiet time. If you remember what time the FD does their daily radio test you can listen then. 

As for Sentinel, it’s a two step process to load new data into the radio... first you download from Uniden the latest data into Sentinel on your computer. Once thats done you then connect your HP II and update the database in the radio. It’s been a while but look for something that may say “Force Write Database”. It should be on the same screen you see when you write to the radio. If you don’t check or turn on the Force Write Database, it won’t write the new database to the radio... it will only write whatever you are looking at the last time you loaded a favorites list to the radio.

Give that a try and report back your findings.

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Thank you-I downloaded the latest version of Sentinel and followed  a Youtube video on HOW to update and did so. Mine did not go exactly as it showed in video but when I try to do an additional update process in case I screwed it up, it just keeps saying I am up to date with the latest etc etc. Still, NOTHING out of Oceanside however This is just weird:-)

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