Database / programing

Christopher Nelsen

I try to use the home patrol 2 mobile but!!!
I use the GPS and the stations received are 90% digital page buzz, no voice. This is extremely annoying, I Olmsted want to listen to voice I can understand, not this noise. I end up locking these frequencies out and then move to another location down the road, eventually almost all frequencies in the area are then locked out. Might as well leave the scanner home.

So here is my question.... how to modify the database to eliminate all paging stations. I do not see any discription in the database indicating if it is a voice station or not.
Am I missing something and these stations are “digital voice” that is not being decodes???

How do I ge rid of all the digital buzzing that is constantly being received??

Any one with help please answer

The home patrol is sitting in the ham shack collecting dust until this issue is resolved. I would really like to use it on the road to keep tract of accidents and such as I travel down the road.