Problems Resetting BCD996P2 to Factory Settings / No Communications to software

Thomas Vance <scanner1143@...>

Thanks Barry.

That is what I had to buy in order to have communications with the ARC-XT Butel Software and the FreeScan.

I had to because the USB to the Mini USB that plugged into the front of the scanner would not let me make communications.

I was one of the 1st people to buy and own a P2. It has been over 2 years.

Here is the crazy thing about it. After HAVING to use it for 2 years it has stopped communicating to the software’s.

I went into the device manager and seen it was still set on com 6 @ 1151200 Baudrate. Still will not communicate.

I have tried every combination one could think of.

Here is the kicker. The USB to the Mini USB WORKS NOW but only to control the Virtual Control of the Butel & FreeScan but it freezes up a LOTS!!

Also you can use it to UPLOAD files to the scanner but it does not write correctly, It just doesn’t work. It leaves out the Frequencies and ID’s.

I never had any problems using the rear port with the 9 pin NULL MODEM cable.

And yes this is a Windows 10 system.

The NULL MODEM cable will just not communicate any longer! Why? I have the slightest Idea!

Maybe Joe M., Paul O, Bill, Yourself and some others that are a whole lot smarter then I can come up with a solution.



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My rear port works great using a NULL MODEM cable.

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