Re: New firmware for the BCD996P2 released - Version 1.09.12 Released 6/25/21

Joe M.

On 7/11/2021 7:46 PM, Michael WA7SKG wrote:
Just received a new BCD996P2 scanner. The serial number starts with
378Z. It came with firmware V 1.06.00. Is there a benefit or need to
upgrade to this new version? If so, where do I find instructions on
upgrading the firmware?


Joe M. wrote on 6/24/21 9:39 PM:
Breaking news from Uniden:

A firmware update for the BCD996P2 scanner was just released (like
minutes ago).

This is entirely an update to accommodate revised hardware and adds no
new features. We didn't want another issue like we had with customers
semi-bricking their BC125AT earlier this year (the event that sped up
my introduction on RR). I do not know when the "378A" units will hit
the streets, but we are ready now for those units firmware-wise and
using BC_VUP V3 will not disable your scanner by uploading older,
incompatible firmware. Everyone can use this new version, but if you
are updating from V1.08.01 you will not notice any new features. The
BC_VUP V3 program is used to update these units. Below are the release

Version 1.09.12 Released 6/25/21

Before applying this update, you should use software to back up all
settings. Color Code, RAN, and Area Code will probably be changed to

Please check your scanner's serial number before updating.

If your scanner's serial number starts with 378A, be sure to use ONLY
this (or newer) version. The scanner will stop working using earlier

If your scanner's serial number starts with 378Z, you can update to
this (or newer) versions.

Housekeeping update to accommodate revised hardware - No functional
change from 1.08.01

Joe M.

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