P2 help with updating firmware pls

Randy Thomas

I think I looked at all the posting before I present my problem. I am trying to update my firmware for my brand new 996P2 that I received a few days ago. I am using Windows XP and using the USB cable that came with the new P2. First I updated my Windows Drivers to the new framework 4.0. Everytime I try to connect to connect to scanner it stated I needed to install the Uniden Virtual scanner driver. Everytime I try to download the virtual scanner driver from either scannermaster or Uniden websites I only get two items in the folder one is a security catalog and don't remember what the other is but it certainly isn't a driver. Please help me. I am pretty knowledge with scanners as I have 8 scanners including Pro ,197 and 2006 but this is my first P2. Please go easy on me as I am a paralized Disabled VET and scanning is the only hobby I can do. I don't have cash to have Uniden program for me and would rather program myself in order to learn my new radio. It was a birthday gift to me and would like to get it up and running. Please help. Thank you.

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