Re: programming question

Bill Edwards

If you downloaded all of the frequencies for a particular site, the control
channels are among those frequencies.

Here is how you can verify it: if you go to the RadioReference database
page for that system and look up a specific site you will see all of the
frequencies for that site in a table. Some of those frequencies will be
identified with a "c" for "Control Channel" or an "a" for "Alternate
Control Channel." You can verify that those frequencies are in your
download - which they will be.

Bill E.

On Jul 19, 2016 4:50 PM, "Leonard.Keepers@... [BCD996p2]" <
BCD996p2@...> wrote:

hello group i am using arc xt pro to program my p2. i click on internet in
the top menu bar to connect to radio reference,down load the frequencies
and talk groups i want programed in the radio. now here is the
the setting portion of the software it has use only control channels.dose
one have to manually program the control channels or are they already in
the bunch of frequencies when i originally downloaded from radio
reference.thank you

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