New SD cards

Joe M.

Posted this on the 536 list. It's relevant to the 436, too.
The "belief" comment was an inside joke about facts only being facts because I believed them - like documented dates of events. 'nuff said.

I suppose I should add context for future "beliefs" (documentation). The SN on this unit was an "7800" series - as in 376z7800xxxx.

Just as a point of fact, or belief on my part ;-> (cough), I was getting the SN off a brand new 436 today and the OEM card was *not* made by SanDisk. I don't know the reason for this change, but it's possible it's more reliable than the old one. SanDisk is a reputable name, but it's odd Uniden changed sources. It's also possible it is less expensive, but considering the failure rate of the SanDisk cards, can it really hurt to try someone else?

A third possibility is that SanDisk is simply not making 4GB cards anymore.

It is highly unlikely the card was changed by anyone
(to put that theory to bed before it awakens).

I just checked a new 536. Same thing.

I don't know when this change was made.

Joe M.