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Mark Lewin

I'm sure this has been asked dozens of times before, but I couldn't find it.

I have added a favorites list to my HP2 by pulling them directly from Radio

Can I use Home Patrol Sentinel to read my favorites list from the HP and then import that list into Sentinel for the 436/536 and write to the scanner?  Are the HP Sentinel files compatible at all with the 436 version?



Use Sentinel to export your HP files into an *.hpe file. The Export is under the drop-down file menu.
Note where this file is being saved. During the export, you can pick the Favorites list you want to add, whether all of them or only some of them.

Once your *.hpe file has been exported, then use the Sentinel version for the 4436/536HP scanners to import the file you just exported. The import is also under the drop-down file menu.

Once you've imported the file, then you can edit it in the x36HP sentinel software. The base file information is the same (System, Departments, Sites, Talkgroups, etc). But for the x36HP scanners, you can also assign quick keys for the list itself as well as Systems/Departments/etc, and add the LED alert light colors, so edit  those however you like. Note that you can also export from the x36HP Sentinel version into an *.hpe file, then import that into Sentinel for the HP-1/HP-2. The quick key and alert LED settings (from the x36HP) will be ignored for the HP-1/-2.

Joe M

  1. Have you tried using the Export to hpe feature? You will find it under the File tab. You can pick the favorites list you want to Export. Save the file. Then use the Import to hpe feature in the other scanner program. It has been awhile that I tried this and as I remember it worked.