Difficulties with software


Uniden’s Sentinel and Butel’s ARC536PRO are the two I use. But neither with any real success. And because the ARC536PRO is not a stand-alone programmer (it needs to be used in conjunction with Sentinel), I started to suspect that which is common to both such as the programming cable. But I swapped it out and determined it was ok. That left only two other common to both pieces of software... my computer and myself. Since the computer works flawlessly with my programmable ham gear and other programmable scanners, I’ve determined it must be me!

As far as the ARC software, with their stated need to use it in conjunction with Uniden’s Sentinel, I’ve experienced the only thing I need Sentinel for is updating the nationwide database. And this is where I start to loose it... please correct the following assumptions I have drawn if I am wrong... I don’t need Sentinel to create or edit FL’s as ARC536PRO will do that as a stand-alone piece of software. In fact, other than updating the database, updating radio firmware or clearing the user database (which acts as a SD Card format, wiping the SD Card and then initializing it for use), I haven’t needed to stray from the ARC software. But Butel insists their software can not be used by itself. Either I am missing something or Butel is just making sure all know there’s a difference to be considered with this Uniden scanner and previous Uniden models that use ARC software as a stand-alone replacement for the OEM software.

Currently, I can’t get the ARC software to recognize FL’s I’ve got residing in my radio, so editing won’t take. The program gives no sign of a problem but after it tells me I’ve made successful edits or that I’ve successfully written those edit back to the radio, the radio shows no sign of any new data input.

I’m looking for that “Off the wall” suggestion as to what I’ve set wrong. Maybe it’s some step I am overlooking such as under “Profiles” where there is a switch calling for monitoring-it defaults to being checked. Any help is appreciated.

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