Paul Haskins

The 325 has NO preprogrammed systems - no programming at all.

On Sunday, June 2, 2019, 12:33:48 PM EDT, [BCD325P2] <> wrote:

does the bcd325p2 have the ohio marcs system as one of the preprogrammed systems already in it?

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As Paul has already informed, the scanner comes with nothing PREprogrammed. You have to provide it by either programming yourself or having somebody do it for you.

But I wonder if possibly you were referring to the use of where you choose what you want in your scanner and RR downloads it and installs it in your scanner? Maybe you could respond to this question. We’d be happy to help if this is the case.

I’m not going to write further only to learn you actually meant “preprogrammed” and Paul has satisfied you with his reply.

Joe M.

The 325 updates via the BC-VUP program.

Joe M.

On 6/3/2019 7:02 AM, [BCD325P2] wrote:
scanner is on its manual.pre owned.can I update it on the same
sentinel site as my 436/536 ?. will be programming it manually to get to
know the radio. prolly just the OHIO MARCS there an easy way
such as just talk groups or control channels or may just the tower
sites.thanks for your replys

Joe M.


But that likely won't work until Uniden's servers are back up
(which should be any time now - they were down until noon Central time)

Joe M.

On 6/3/2019 12:56 PM, [BCD325P2] wrote:
were can I get that? is there a link? does the 325p2 have to be updated
occasionally like the 436.536?



Joe M.

Yes they will. Same with the SDS100 cords.

BTW, the Uniden link is still not back up yet.

Joe M.

On 6/3/2019 7:28 PM, [BCD325P2] wrote:
btw will the usb cords for the 436/536 work for updates & power for the 325?