San Antonio, Tx Use of a Radio Scanner


Good Afternoon:

Upon some research, I understand that the Police, Fire and Emergency Dispatch transmit using a format known as the EDACS ProVoice System in San Antonio, TX.. Does this mean that a conventional trunking scanner will be unable to pick up these transmissions like I have read?

I understand that there is some sort of decoding software that can be used to decode the transmission making it audible to a listener? If so, how would one go about using this software and is it workable on the BC 898T? I am also using Windows 8 and even when attempting to connect the scanner to the laptop, it is never recognized using a RS232 To USB Cable. I discovered this when attempting to download a firmware update to the scanner.

I have also had my eye on a Uniden HomePatrol1 but understand that this also can not do EDACS ProVoice System but can if programmed with a DD Program?

I have been away from scanners for several years and feel helpless at this point as I can not get any frequencies to come in down here. Back in San Francisco, I did not have this problem. I just want to be able to receive transmissions down here....