BC898 Replacement Lamps

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Try 800 620 7531

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Do you have a part # and where you can get the bulbs.

jackson slater

Yes check ebay or  any speedometer dash repair shop  8 volts . I purchased a lot from a dealer ebay. also thick u can go 4mm long will work. dia?. I will look today at my service records to too see how big diameter you can go.  Be glad to help u out I think have a list of dealers carry these also, u can get different color condums to go over bulbs ebay. I just made some in blue, but haven't  tried them yet. i will soon have a couple bc 9000 has thermal or weak components I got to check , so will try them  this week end. I too had no response from Uniden. I wonder if they are quit carrying them bubl's? guess we going to have to come up with a simple way to do led's. Hope all had a Happy Thanksgiving.