Hi all!

Chuck Fore <digitalchaos1980@...>

Hi everyone, my name is Chuck. I notice there is at least one other Chuck here (aren't Chucks great?) so you can call me Chuck F or whatever :)

Just got me a BC898T about 2 days ago and really love the unit! First Trunking scanned I have ever had, so I'm quite excited. It has firmware version 1.29, so I'm under the impression it hasn't been updated for rebanding. Please correct me if I am wrong however. Anyways, I live in Starke, Florida, which is about 35 miles SW of Jacksonville, and luckily for me, most everything around me is still on VHF, except for Clay County and Alachua County. I look forward to reading yalls messages! Peace! :)

Chuck Fore

p.s. Is there, by chance, any mods for this unit that could get me coverage below 25MHz? I am very proficient with electronics and computers and have searched this already, but figured I would ask here :)
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