Unit Stops Scanning - Heat Issue?


This has been a very reliable unit serves me well with both trunking and conventional systems - until recently.

For twelve years I have taken the BC296D to the Indy 500 --- programmed several banks with all conventional frequencies ---- and it has run the entire time, about four hours, with no problems.

Last year it stopped "responding" after about an hour.?? I could see activity on the display but it would not stop on any active channels (including the IMS track broadcast - which is continuously active.

I powered down (no low battery indication) but changed to a fully charged new battery.?? Same result - could hear the power on "pop" both from the speaker and the headphones.?? No scanning.

Powered down and changed the antenna (standard Uniden supplied original).?? Same result --- display cycles through the standard start screens ---- no scanning.

After arriving home two days later scanner performed normally --- local conventional systems received normally?? (Note:?? this bank was already in the scanner so no change to any channel/bank programming.).


So, a year goes by and I take the BC296D back to Indy.?? Same thing happens?? ----- stops receiving.???? This year, as a backup I had taken an old Uniden Sportcat 200.?? Put the BC296D away and the 200 performed well (with less channels, of course).

A Uniden Tech "thinks" the 296 "May" have a heat protection component that will shut the unit down if it senses an over-heating situation.?? And yes, I have always kept the unit in the original nylon case.?? But, there have been much hotter temperatures at Indy in past years and I have never experienced this situation before. So, I haven't completely accepted the "over heating" idea.

I rralize this is an older unit and this forum is not very active ----
but if anyone has seen this issue or has any thoughts, I would appreciate any input.

Uniden does still show this unit as being "repairable" and the cost is reasonable.?? I just want to be sure I have not done something stupid that can be corrected before shipping it off to repair.

I was even thinking of starting it scanning and put it in the sun to see if I could duplicate the problem?? --- but that could really ruin the unit for sure.

Sorry to make this a long post but wanted to give any forum members as much data as possible.

Maybe MCH will have some prior information.