Firmware upload issue V3.60

W1JCW <w1jcw@...>

Hey Guys -

I am trying to update the firmware for re-banding on the BC796D.

I cannot find any older firmware updates as it was suggested to update to a previous version first.

I have BC796D_V3_6_0. and BC-VUP_2.0.0.7

XP SP 3 dedicate com port 1 even !!

When the program starts to update it fails as it cannot communicate with the scanner !! aaahhh

BS !! It communicates fine with the ARC250 and the uniden scanner program.

I have tried all baud rates and messed around with stop bits parity no luck.

What gives ??

Suggestions ??

I read something about you have to push some button sequence first this try to upload ?
If so what is the sequence ?

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