i got a bc296d years ago

it wound up sitting for quite awhile due to work demands

i'd now like to get it fired back up

i don't have any of my old software

i've also upgraded to windows 10

i'm not having any luck finding a program that will work

i'm also having problems with trying to connect my new pc to the bc296d

i have that old cable and i also got a usb adapter for it

do you have any advice on how i can get this back up and running?

this would be just like starting from the beggining for me

i want to go back to using software to load/ unload the scanner with things


I just use the BC296D/BC796D SS Scanner Control and Database Software that came with 
the scanner.  You can download it from Uniden, along with the manuals.

The cable might be a little more difficult.  The end that plugs into the scanner is like none other I have seen.  I can take a picture if you think it will help you identify the correct cable.

I have not used mine lately as it seems as if the local authorities (Hays County, Buda) have gone to encrypted communications.

Good luck!


hey thanx!

i've gone to seeing if i can get a free s-ware dload

i did manage a demo of arc250

now i'm trying to see if i can find a driver

sitll have the old rs232 but with the early usb adapter/ cord

on win 10, as mentioned

would like to see if i can get current driver

if i can actually make what i've got, work

if i can at least get it to communicate

then i'd be good to try to learn, on it, again

otherwise, if too problematic, i'll sell and move on

i'll probably take a big loss on this, too

unless i can make it do something interesting